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Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage
Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

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Intro to Floating = $18

Floating classes = $25

All other classes = $12.50

(regardless of class duration)

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Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

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Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

photography courtesy of Lancaster County Magazine

Lancaster County Magazine: February Float Yoga of Lancaster Feature

Lancaster County Magazine featured Float Yoga as one of seven local exercise challenges to educate about the many available physical fitness programs that are designed to "mix up your routines."

Exercise for Life: #5

Story by Briana W. Hess

I can count the number of times I’ve participated in some type of yoga on one hand. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but I’ve always been into more aerobic, fast-paced exercises. Little did I know what Float Yoga of Lancaster had to offer.

Owner Bradford Nicarry, who is also a certified yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist, has an eccentric personality, which matches perfectly with his hybrid lessons of part yoga/part inversion table/and part TRX workout.

“I got started in yoga because it was forced on me in a black belt class. Once a month, we would do something different, and this little old lady with white hair came in and kicked my butt,” Bradford laughs. “My ‘a-ha’ moment was when I realized that strength and flexibility are intertwined and very much co-related; all the while, I thought strength was over here and flexibility was somewhere far on the other end of the spectrum. But, I realized they were very much related.”

Like many people, I questioned if these aerial fabrics and cables could hold my weight. Well, unless you tip the scales at 2,000 pounds, you can partake in a Float Yoga class. And, no, you don’t have to bend like a burrito to prove your flexibility skills.

Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

Bradford says, “Something we hear all the time is ‘I’m not flexible enough to do yoga,’ and it’s a total face-palm moment because if you’re not flexible in a specific joint, you’re going to need yoga to get there. And, then again, flexibility isn’t like across the board, it’s dependent upon each joint.”

This class was very direct, and by that, I mean it wasn’t one of those I’ll tell you what to do, show you how to do it and then you repeat what I just did classes. Bradford would explain and go through each movement as he and I individually performed each task with our own fabric. If he were to just say pigeon pose, I wouldn’t have a clue. But, he showed how much fabric to use, where to place my hands and arms, and how to get my feet off the floor and into the correct pose in the hammock (and without breaking my neck).

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Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

Get some class.

Float Yoga of Lancaster is excited to bring you more options to get into one of your fav classes, join us for our special Float Saturday noon classes:

2/24 Float Low

3/03 Floating Yoga

3/10 Float Low

3/17 Floating Yoga

3/24 Float Low

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Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

A Boundless Float.
A Float without end.
The Unlimited Float.

Float Yoga of Lancaster features a low price for its monthly, unlimited special. We now offer unlimited classes for $79/month, with a 6-month minimum commitment—helping you to achieve and to maintain a healthy body & mind.


When we write "unlimited," we mean "unlimited," including Floating Yoga and Float Low classes.  We still ask our class participants to reserve hammock classes online.  While the offer may be "unlimited," class space for Floating Yoga is not.

Maintain your health regimen.

The path to sustained wellness starts here. This is a stellar option for people to maintain their health regimen in 2017.

Register for this option in the studio. E-mail or call us to learn more: (717) 475-6333

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with a minimum six-month commitment

Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

We offer the finer points of the studio, the skinny on the Float.

Not every class is the same. With such a diverse curriculum, Float has policies and procedures that are designed to make every visit to the studio an event that is filled with, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh."

Finding Some Class

Float Yoga of Lancaster features special classes and workshops, regularly. We strive for a diverse curriculum that is influenced by our guests. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter to stay "a-Float" about our special events.


Wear comfortable clothing that will not constrict your movement. T-shirts are more comfortable than tank tops for the Floating/hammock classes. Please, remove jewelry before coming to the studio.


Classroom temperatures range between 72°F to 80°F, except for Sunday Scream! and Hot Vinyasa.

Sunday Scream! and Hot Vinyasa room temperatures average 90°F. It is a good idea to bring bottled water and a towel to all classes.

Reserving Your Space

The Intro to Floating class on Tuesday mornings will not be available every week, because of instructor availability. We will, however, still offer it EVERY Monday evening at 7:45 p.m.
Click on the link to see open class times.

For Floating Yoga, Intro to Floating Yoga and Float Low classes, we urge all participants to reserve your space, because space is limited.

Reservations are only required for the aforementioned hammock classes. If you try to register for a hammock class within one hour of its starting time, the reservation service will inform you that the class is full. This is not applicable to yoga/pilates classes. Pre-registration for other, non-Floating Yoga classes is not mandatory.

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